Cords, Stoles, Pendants and other Accessory items can be used to reward achievements. They can be used in a graduation ceremony or during induction ceremonies for student organizations throughout the year.


capgown stoles


Some classes choose to give their graduation day ensemble the extra attention it deserves by adding a class stole. Class officers and honor students may also wear stoles as badges of their achievement.

capgown cords


Cords in class color, honor cords, and keepsake cords are all great ways to pay tribute to the symbolic end of a long, triumphant journey.

capgown pendants


These brushed bronze medallions are timeless keepsakes. They offer graduates a superb means of carrying individual achievement with them on graduation day, but are forged to endure long after the ceremony has ended.

capgown tassels


Tassels are used to symbolically illustrate the exact moment of graduation. During the ceremony, graduates shift the location of their tassel from one side to the other, representing the formal completion of study. Because the tassel has long been such a significant instrument in the graduation process, it remains one of the most popular keepsakes chosen by graduates to commemmorate this event. In addition to the tassels worn by all graduates, schools often choose to offer gold tassels to Honor Students, commemorating their exceptional achievements.

capgown hoods


To help accent the cap and gown, we also provide a variety of hood options. Victory Hoods, Grad Hoods, Honor Hoods, and Class Hoods all offer a great means of displaying class year, as well as recognizing significant accomplishments.

capgown caps


Since graduates often have a tendency to "lose" their graduation caps, we at Herff Jones offer caps they can keep. Whether plans are to have it signed by close friends or to lose it somewhere in the air above the rest of the class, it's their's to keep - provided they can find it afterward.



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