Classkeeper Cap & Gown

Whether they have a reason to keep their gowns or not, graduates are finding that they have much more freedom with our ClassKeeper program. It was developed to allow graduates unprecedented control over their graduation day wardrobe and schedule. With the ClassKeeper option, there are  no return times. So whether they plan to wear it to a Halloween party, or add it to their keepsake collection, the ClassKeeper program allows them more options than ever before. It's an easier way to graduate for you and your joyous seniors.  
ClassKeeper offers:

  • A large variety of styles
  • An even larger variety of colors
  • Faculty caps & gowns
  • The finest fabrics and materials available
  • A huge selection of color-coordinated accessories

Design & Order your Class Ring

design class ring
Pricing and styles vary between website and in-school offerings
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