It’s a celebration of the end and the beginning. Mothers will smile with pride as sons and daugthers make their way across center stage. Fathers will jockey for position, getting their cameras closer for the perfect shots. It’s a big day for everyone involved and we’re excited to think that we might be on your invitation list.

A cap, gown, and tassel are the perfect addition to kindergarten, grade school, junior high, high school and college ceremonies. And if you’ve taken the extra step of obtaining an advanced degree, we also offer an extensive collection of custom regalia options for the bachelor, master, and doctoral degree holders who continue the cycle of education through teaching.

For students, graduation is both the final page of a longer chapter in their lives, and the beginning of a whole new adventure. It’s an emotional benchmark in their personal history, a time they will always remember, and an event that signifies newfound freedom. Herff Jones offers a mixture of traditional, trendy, and unique ways to commemorate this very special event. Year after year, it is our honor to provide students with the essentials that make this event memorable. Throughout our site, you’ll find information about caps, gowns, cords, stoles and other symbols of achievements. All this is offered to help you help them select the personal keepsakes that will forever mark their accomplishments.

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